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For my analytical essay I will be focusing on the Netflix show “Grand Army” and the issues with performative activism and the consequences of it in a heightened racial culture. In the Netflix original, “Grand Army”, performative allyship and real activism are represented in two protagonists, Joey and Dom, as audiences dive into a sea of internalized racism and sexism. In my essay, I hope to use the context of BLM and ALM to differentiate the difference between these two characters and their intentions behind their actions. Intention clues us into the true meaning of a person’s beliefs. For example, the performative allyship Joey represents is only used for issues that she can gain attention from and ultimately benefit her for “being a part of the moment” compared to when Dom doesn’t seek validation of her actions when she speaks on problems that affect her everyday life. Dom’s actions are authentic and don’t always give her the response she wanted because she is fighting for something bigger than herself. I initially watched this show out of pure interest. I heard that it was supposed to be a cross between Degrassi and Euphoria, similar shows that use teenagers in high school to display social issues, but compared to those shows Grand Army is racially focused and reflects how racial tensions and confusions are translated into a high school environment. 


I came up with the thesis by referencing Tik Toks made by young adults in reaction. One girl was giving her opinion on the show on how Joey was her least favorite character because people were distracted by her actions and opinions to not realize that they were all ingenuine. This analysis made me reflect on how I viewed Joey in the show and if her actions truly deserved any praise. Most people who view her character see her as attractive, powerful, and outspoken at first glance. However, it can be easy to ignore the smaller microaggressions by disguising them with “activism”and it is important to teach viewers how to remove the illusion Joey presents. Dom acts as an opposition because her character is inherently selfless. Her every action is done with the idea of someone benefiting in the long run including her family, friends, and community. She is the image of a “strong black woman”. I plan to explore my statement by rewatching scenes of both Joey and Dom and how they respond to social issues and tying into their character.


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Posted by Donika Dedushaj on


The purpose of this paper was to review research on the role of appearance in children’s developing gender identities. It introduces how there are many groups of people that adopt an identity and show others by the way they style their hair or the type of clothing they wear. When it comes to children, gender is the first thing they socially develop and understand. The paper transitions into cultural differences regarding gender identity. It compares children that come from different cultures such as Europe, Hong Kong, South Korea are more likely to show similarities in appearance rigidity. Although, many parents usually buy their children clothing that have to do with their appearance, male or female. This relates to my topic because there are many children out there that suffer with gender identity. They fear to tell their parents the way they actually feel. With this many children experience depression and pain because their parents do not understand.


Halim, May Ling D., et al. “Gender Is What You Look like: Emerging Gender Identities in Young Children and Preoccupation with Appearance.” Self & Identity, vol. 17, no. 4, July 2018, pp. 455–466. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/15298868.2017.1412344.


This article draws attention to sexuality and culture. It is divided into three categories, each category explaining that there has been a significant increase of research on social and cultural sexuality. In the first section of the reading, it focused on the social construction of sexuality and how it has developed over the last three decades. The second section explains the study of sexual life and the way it emerged in sexual culture, sexual identities and sexual communities. Lastly, the third section covers the difference between culture and power. This article relates to my topic because there are many groups of people that experience a hard time revealing their sexuality and face discrimination because of it.


Parker, Richard. “Sexuality, Culture and Society: Shifting Paradigms in Sexuality Research.” Culture, Health & Sexuality, vol. 11, no. 3, Apr. 2009, pp. 251–266. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/13691050701606941


This scholarly article clearly explains the way parents react to their children’s identity. It provides statistics to understandably prove that most parents react in a negative way. “In the American context, research indicates that as many as 52% of parents’ may initially react negatively to their child’s disclosure of same sex attractions.” This just shows that more than half of parents do not approve of their child having same sex attractions. These negative reactions have many consequences to their children from, depression, substance abuse and some extreme cases, suicide. On the other hand, the article describes the supportive and positive parent reactions. This leads to a low percentage of depression and suicide, but high percentages of social support and self-esteem. For my analytical research paper I hope to successfully cover this major issue because there are many children that experience this. They may tell their parents, but at the end of the day they do not receive the support and positivity they were looking for.


Baiocco, Roberto, et al. “Negative Parental Responses to Coming Out and Family Functioning in a Sample of Lesbian and Gay Young Adults.” Journal of Child & Family Studies, vol. 24, no. 5, May 2015, pp. 1490–1500. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1007/s10826-014-9954-z.



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Posted by Edina on

Police Brutality And Racism In America 

By Stephan A. Schwartz 

Throughout this article, Schwartz talks about how police brutality and racism is a major problem in America. He states how people of color have been fighting for justice and civil rights since Martin Luther King Jr. died approximately 57 years. He expressed how he thought people of color were finally going to receive justice after the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. Although that was not the case considering police brutality and racism are increasing every year. Schwartz shows statistical facts and background information to show how people of color have a higher chance of being killed by police than white people do. Schwartz even includes the murder of George Floyd and Rodney King to prove how police brutality and racism is a problem in America. I chose this article because it highlights the key ideas I have stated in my thesis statement about police brutality and racism. This article proves how people of color, specifically black people are mistreated and murdered by police officers just because of their race. 



 “No, I Am Not Ok.” Thanks For Asking. 

  By Dr. Neala A. Lester

While reading this article, it’s obvious that Dr. Neala A. Lester is upset that people of color are getting murdered and prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. Throughout the article, she states how people of color are discriminated against by police and white people because of their race. Lester mentions George Floyd and how he was murdered by a police officer who is white and the justice system refused to convict Derek Chauvin until people started to protest. Lester continues to add on how he is not ok with the idea of African Americans or people of color being seen as a danger to society. For example, “the recent tsunami of ‘White People Calling the Police on Black People’ for just living.” [Lester]. I chose this article because it shows how racism and police brutality affects people of color tremendously. African Americans are tired of not receiving justice and being viewed as dangerous. They want change, hence why they are protesting Black Lives Matter. Police officers are supposed to protect citizens not murder them because they are black or brown and I believe this article showcases that we need to start fighting to end police brutality and racism in America. 


George Floyd death: Why US protests are so powerful this time

 By  Helier Cheung

This article demonstrates how people want change and end police brutality and racism towards African Americans or people of color. Cheung states how George Floyd’s death angered people of all colors including caucasian people. They were fed up with seeing someone innocent getting murdered by a police officer who is supposed to protect citizens. People seeing a video of a police officer putting their knee on a black man who wasn’t even armed made them sick to their stomach. Cheung stated, George Floyd’s death was the last straw and people wanted justice and end police brutality. I chose this article to use in my research paper because it demonstrates how police officers should not be allowed to get away with murdering innocent people just because they are not white or caucasian. People should feel safe and protected despite their race, not fear getting murdered and I believe this article can help support my thesis statement. 





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Posted by Calvin Chao on

Source 1: “Evaluation of suspected Child physical abuse” by Nancy D. Kellogg

The article basically gather data from pediatricians that had patients who were abused by their parents. The data gave whether the child was abuse by their parents and caregivers and what kind of effect it has on the child. In addition, the a handful of pediatricians were taught what child abuse looks like when examining the patients and depending on the examination, they can decide if the child have been abuse or not. If they were abuse, then they would be allow to call child protective services and emergency department. This would result in an investigation of the parents past, the home, the people around the child to see if the abuse is deemed true or false. This article relates to my topic because their are people who may have witness child abuse but can’t tell if it’s actually child abuse or the parent discipline their child, so to avoid trouble/misunderstandings, people tend to ignore it. However, if doctors learn how their examining the patients body and/or mind, they may see if the child is being abuse or not. This way, doctors can find ways to prevent the child being abuse again and to prevent childhood trauma for the children.

Kellogg, Neglect. “Evaluation of Suspected Child Physical Abuse.” Pediatrics, vol. 119, no. 6, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), June 2007, pp. 1232–41, doi:10.1542/peds.2007-0883.|A164718728&v=2.1&it=r


Source 2: “Social Disadvantage, Serve Child Abuse, and Biological Profiles in Adulthood” by Chioun Lee, Christopher L. Coe, Carol D.Ryff

The article is about how experiencing abuse at a young age affects stress levels, social status, and health issues. Studies show that abuse lead to a negative impact when growing up. For stress levels, children experience abuse would have their stress levels higher than other kids which would end up resulting in negative results. With negative results, would mean that when children grow up to become teens, they would be more expose to negative relate events which would not only increase stress levels but also to health issues. For social status, because of how they look or how they are living (poor living conditions) children are more in danger being abuse by their parents because parents maybe want to release all their anger onto something and the closest thing to hit would be their children. For health, abuse would lead to children being expose to more diseases and/or issues. This relates to my topic because experiencing abuse would cause more issues than they already are. In other words, when someone finds out that a child has been abuse by its parent, then the parent would have to face addition problems than they already have. By abusing the child it adds more fuel to the fire which are parents issues and in addition, it would bring issues for the child that could lead to health problems, social issues, trauma and etc.

Lee, Coe. “Social Disadvantage, Severe Child Abuse, and Biological Profiles in Adulthood.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 58, no. 3, SAGE Publications, Jan. 2017, pp. 371–86, doi:10.1177/0022146516685370.

Source 3: “Associations between childhood abuse and interpersonal aggression and suicide attempt among U.S. adults in a national study” by Thomas C. Harford, Hsiao-ye Yi, and Bridget F. Grant

This article is about how abuse would affect adults behavior in the future. When children face abuse in the future, depending on the abuse would bring a negative impact to their future. When facing sexual and emotional abuse as a child, they would attempt suicide in the future from holding in all the abuse and experience trauma from remember the abuse. This would result in the adult/teen wanting to be free from the torture by killing themselves. For physical abuse, the child’s behavior starts to change. As the child grow into a teen to an adult, they start to act more like a delinquent which would result doing something that would negatively impact society. This article relates to my topic because one of reasons why adults behavior is different than others is because they experience abuse at a young age which cause them to act the same way that their parents did to them.

Harford, Yi. “Associations Between Childhood Abuse and Interpersonal Aggression and Suicide Attempt Among U.S. Adults in a National Study.” Child Abuse & Neglect, vol. 38, no. 8, Elsevier BV, Aug. 2014, pp. 1389–98, doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2014.02.011.



Posted by Yesmely Medina on

One of the texts I will use for my Analytical Research Paper is ‘’Economic inequality’’ by Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser. This article contains a lot of information on how Women are not given the same equality as men, especially when it comes to finances. What I hope to accomplish in my analytical research paper is to inform and educate the audience that is not aware of the social issues that occur in gender inequality. Making it known that not only do females experience gender inequality but so do people in the LGBTQ community. For instance, transgender and gays experience many hardships throughout their lives because of their sexuality and brutal social norms society has on men and women. What inspired me to do this research is having friends and family members that have experienced social inequality and myself in their field of work and many other aspects. In addition, growing up witnessing my transgender cousin go through experiences in a world where many people like her aren’t accepted. This made me realize how hard it can be for people who are considered not following the social construct that’s created by society. I came up with the thesis after reading Esteban Ortiz’s article and noticing the accuracy and importance stated when he spoke about how women are coming a long way experiencing gender inequity especially in the workplace. Lastly, this allowed me to spread awareness when it comes to gender inequality giving me the ability to grasp people’s attention to become educated in gender inequality. 


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Posted by Miryam Juarez on

One scholarly article that I will be using in my paper is “Toward a Psychosocial and Sociocultural Understanding of Achievement Motivation Among Latino Gang Members in U. S. Schools.” This article basically explains the connection between culture and identity and why these two relate to the Latino youth‘s involvement in gangs, their internal and external problems that could caused their affiliation with gangs, how their familial problems or backgrounds affect their involvement in gangs and their socialization with gangs as well. This article is important to my paper because in my paper I will be discussing the Latino youth’s involvement in gangs and why they are involved in gangs.

Arfaniarromo, Albert. “Toward a Psychosocial and Sociocultural Understanding of Achievement Motivation Among Latino Gang Members in U. S. Schools.” Journal of Instructional Psychology, vol. 28, no. 3, 2001, p. 123. Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine, Accessed 15 Nov. 2020.

Another scholarly article that I will be using is “Chicano Gangs: One Response To Mexican Urban Adaptation In The Los Angeles Area.” The scholarly article explains the sociopsychological, sociocultural, socioeconomic, and ecological aspects that come with being in gangs. How being in gangs can affect a youths future due to not being able to maintain a job, how a youths present economic status can affect their involvement and how their mental health plays a role in gang involvement are also mentioned. This is relevant to my paper because in my paper I will be discussing how gangs affect the youth’s future and present.

Vigil, James Diego. “Chicano Gangs: One Response To Mexican Urban Adaptation In The Los Angeles Area.” Urban Anthropology, vol. 12, no. 1, 1983, pp. 45–75. JSTOR, Accessed 16 Nov. 2020.

Another article that I will discuss in my paper will be “Racial discrimination and mental health among Asian American youth.” This article explains the negative tone that we show discrimination plays on mental health among not only Asian American youth’s but also American youth minorities in general. This is important to my paper because part of my paper will be focusing on how racial discrimination and racism play a role on minority youths mental health.



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Posted by Salimatou Bah on

I will use the sample essay about J Cole’s album KOD and argue why using music has been an effective way for people to express their feelings and the help they need. Seeing that people of color typically brush their health issues under the rug to never be talked about music has been a way for people to feel like they connect with others. Music has been used to make people feel like someone else has gone through what they may be going through. In my essay, I want to accomplish spreading awareness on how people use art to tell their own stories. They say a picture says a thousand words but music has been used to speak many more words than that. Art can speak for the people. Something that inspired further research was knowing that people of color think that mental health isn’t real and can easily be controlled. People of color are forced to keep quiet about what’s going on in their minds. Humans may think their crazy but that paper they write a verse on about anything they want to talk about will not judge. My thesis is important because people can only stay quiet about their struggles so long before they take over. Spreading awareness of this form of art that gets anyone’s story out could save someone’s life. I plan to extend my research by finding an artist who is talking about mental health. When people find someone else who was brave enough to post the struggles they both share, it makes them more motivated to find healthy revolutions and not feel alone.


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Posted by Leanna Waldropt on

The text I will be writing about in my analytical research paper is the Disney princess animated movie “Mulan.” The movie has a lot to talk about such as culture filtration and gender roles. Mulan is young sixteen-year-old Chinese girl who is forced into a Chinese culture she does not want to participate in. She was going to be forced into an arranged marriage, but that is not what she wanted or how she wanted to live. She has to stay home during the war but she wants to help out in any way she wants to. Once she heard her ill father might become drafted into the war, she knew she had to do something to save him. She disguised herself as a man and trained with her fellow recruits and learned how ton fight. to fight. Unlike a lot of Disney princess movies, she does not need a man or a prince charming to save the day. She is independent, fierce and a warrior to handle situations on her own. She chooses to fight in what she believes in. She is an example for many girls to be brave, take risks, and never let anyone bring you down. Mulan was such a role model that she got the men in her village to change their perspective towards women. Speaking about this topic is important to me because I believe that all women no matter their race or culture should be the same as men. Men and women should be treated equally and receive the same opportunities and privileges.


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Posted by Dalbert Andujar on

The text that I chose for Essay #3 is the Film “Just Mercy” starring Micheal B Jordan. My thesis : Social Injustice in America has held down the Black community for years. In many instances people are punished in the criminal court system for just being a certain color. There should be a better criminal system that protects colored black people from overly aggressive punishments in the court system.

What I hope to achieve in this essay is to analyze the unfair criminal court system that keeps black people overly oppressed today in America. Key points that i want to address in this essay are how the director Destin Daniel Cretton introduces the Main Character from the movie Bryan Stevenson,( a black man fighting for his people in the court system)  to combat the corrupt systematic racism adding to the importance of the movie toward opening the viewers eyes towards the corruption in our court systems in America. The events that inspired to me to do further research is i always wanted to see this movie but never had the moment to watch it since i found out about it, so i found that this essay would be a perfect moment to watch it and write a analytical research paper on it. I came up with my thesis by watching the trailer of the movie and understanding the gist of the movie in order to make a statement that would allow me to go in depth when writing my paper. I plan to explore the statement in my paper by using plenty of scholarly and popular sources to back up my statement as well as the movie, how the main character goes about combating the systematic racism.


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Posted by Jennifer Alcantara on

The text that I chose for Essay #3 was the song “I Can’t Breathe” by H.E.R. 

Thesis Statement: America is going through many social injustices, systemic racism being one of them. We as people need to fight for each other and stand together as one in order to create change that will last.


In my essay, what I hope to accomplish would be first of all to inform what systemic racism truly is. I would also want to highlight some of America’s injustices throughout these few years. I would like to write about the B.L.M. movement as well. What inspired the desire to further the research was how much the song touched me when I first had listened to it. It was around the time after George Floyd’s death when the Black Lives Matter protests and riots started to get a lot of people’s attention. Throughout the song, her lyrics are powerful, and while listening, you can hear the desperation and want for change. I came up with the thesis while listening to a verse in the song where it states, “How do we cope when we don’t love each other? Where is the hope and the empathy? How do we judge off the color? The structure was made to make us the enemy. Prayin’ for change ’cause the pain makes you tender All of the names you refuse to remember. Was somebody’s brother, friend, Or a son to a mother that’s crying, singing” This verse was important to me because it showed the humanity within it. Yes, we’re angry and want change, but that doesn’t mean that we want revenge. We just want justice and hope for a better future where people aren’t judged by the color of their skin. I plan to explore this statement in my research by adding information on the topic and maybe including people’s narratives from articles. 


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