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Posted by Cordelia Vohnout on

The text, Gender-stereotyped preferences in childhood and early adolescence: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, by Margit H. Kanka is relevant to my research paper because it discusses the harmful impacts of gendered media consumption at a young age. This research will aid my writing because I’m going to be proving how the gender roles present in Disney’s Cinderella, are harmful when they’re taught from a very young age and this article delves into the consequences of gender roles in children’s media. In addition, this article utilizes numerical data which I can use to support my claims about the harms of this kind of media on young children.

Another article that I will be utilizing is Ella Evolving: Cinderella Stories and the Construction of Gender-Appropriate Behavior, by Linda T. Parsons. This article is relevant to my paper because it discusses the patriarchal messages embedded in children’s media and the harmful implications that these messages have. Additionally this article looks at four different stories based on Cinderella, which makes this a strong supportive source for my paper. By including a source specific to my chosen media source I will be able to extract the most relevant information regarding my topic.

The third and final scholarly article that I will be using to aid my research paper is Choice or circumstance: When are women penalized for their success?, by Yanitsa Toneva. This article analyzes how working women are treated differently than men when they hold positions that are typically male dominated, which will be useful for my paper by showing how gender roles, like the ones presented in Cinderella, harm real-life women in the workplace. Through the data presented in this article I will be able to prove how gender roles do negatively affect women today and provide real-world examples to support that claim. This will prove useful for me while I demonstrate the harmful affects of gender roles and why elements of popular American culture that perpetuate them should not be consumed by young children.

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Posted by Asya Parson on

Article: Black-white differences in severe maternal morbidity and site of care

The text is about when black women are patients at the hospital they more than the white women and the death rate is higher for black women and they experience more maternal morbibdity and putting in more improvement in the hospitals could stop the death rates of black women. This is relevant to my topic because I am talking about the lack of care that African American woman face in hospitals and it mostly happens during child birth.

Article :”you learn to go last”: Perceptions of prenatal care experiences among African-American Women with limited out comes

the text is about how more black infants  die more than wife infants. there has been racial discrimanation  during prenatal care their are women who have said that they were treated differently because of their race. This article related to my topic because my topic is about black women not being treated well in the hospital and  that can affect the baby essay will bring light to the racial discrimanation in the medical field.

Article: reducing health disparities by removing by removing cost access and knowledge barriers

this text is about reducing the disparities of women who are pregnant and die. This article tries to find away to  stop the disparities of women dieing by using the Contraceptive CHOICE project  the articel talks about the difference between African American teen pregnancies and white teen pregnancies.  This is relevant to my topic because it bring light to what is happening to women within the African American Society another reason this go along with my topic because




Posted by Zayneb Saad on

Article: Performative Allyship 

The article gives the definition of performative allyship and the real world instances of it. The author goes into depth about what people are seeking out of performative allyship and how it doesn’t help anyone. There was an increase of it in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, protests, and riots. The text also serves as a message to those who find themselves in these performative positions by calling out people who show little to no help in providing resources or donating to the cause. This is the same for larger organizations who use the issue at hand to make themselves seem “down for the cause” and to keep themselves marketable. This article would help categorize Joey underneath that label and provide truth behind her actions. 


Article: Stress and Mental Health: Moderating Role of the Strong Black Woman Stereotype

This article explains the harm behind the “strong black woman” stereotype and how black women are prone to having higher rates of mental illnesses. We see this in Dom because she is the embodiment of this stereotype in the show in comparison to Joey or any of her peers. Dom faces an immense sense of responsibility at home and school which results in her having little time for sleep or even a break. This causes her to have breakdowns and act out rashly in order to try to support her family. This article serves as to how Dom and Joey contrast and how the roots of their intentions. 


Article: With Whom Do You Believe Your Lot is Cast? White Feminists and Racism

The article breaks down the hidden issues with white feminists. Although they face oppression from their male counterparts, they are the main enforcers of racism and discrimination against their black female peers who are fighting alongside them. The privilege the white women in this instance are allowed is hypocritical to their own movement because they are actively denying the liberation for their own “sisters”. Joey doesn’t realize that this is the root of her feminism and that she actively benefits and contributes to this white feminist racism.   



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Posted by Keiry Ramirez on

Source 1


This article talks about women and men in different cultures. Women in culture are mentally abused, physically abused, restricted, and discriminated against. There are those who can’t fight against their culture because  of their families. For example the United States isn’t perfect, there are still restrictions on women in jobs and society. Women are leaders and powerful so this article proves that men try to take that away from them. This article is related to my topic because it speaks about women in their countries. “Although most cultures look down upon women, and up to men, they express it differently.” Which it’s true because in the movie Brave is about making a change. The main character gives a speech about how parents should let their kids choose their own path and just be there to guide and support them. It’s up to us to make a change and the first step is giving women equality just like they did in the movie. 


Source 2

The article focuses on showing and explaining women’s role in society which relates to my topic because that is what I’m bringing to light in my essay. “Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in the highest political positions.” Also women are constantly being undermined socially, economically and culturally. The charts break down the progress that has come a long way. Women deserve better and this article shows that they are taking a stand but are facing challenges along the way. Men get all the power and glory that’s why in Brave a female is the one who saves the day not a man. In the article it mentions how women have been making scientific discoveries throughout history but many don’t know that because men take all the glory. “ Although women have been behind a number of scientific discoveries throughout history, just 30 percent of researchers worldwide and 35 per cent of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields of study are women.” Women can do the same thing men can do and sometimes they do it even better. 


Source 3 

Bad Feminist Essays, Roxane Gay

This book is about being a feminist while loving  and enjoying things that could seem un lady like with the feminist ideology. It has a collection of essays that talk about politics, criticism and feminism. Her stories are about gender and sexuality , race and entertainment, politics, gender and race. All of those topics played a role in shaping her and helping her realize her worth into society. “ Don’t tear other women down, because even if they’re not your friends, they are women and this is just as important.” wow this statement is everything! And true there should be no reason why we should put each other down since men already do that enough for us. So yea this book is related to my topic because not only does it speak on the issues but the author is writing about how she finds herself with the challenges. Owning who you are is magical and no one can take that away from you.


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Posted by Joseph Nicolas Vargas on

My analytical research paper will be on the one of the biggest problems faced in America which is police brutality. Police brutality has been seen and reported more over the past 30 years. One of the worst incidents regarding police brutality was the beating of Rodney King. This took place in 1991 and we are still seeing horrible cases of police brutality today. One article I will be using is “The Black Lives Matter movement, crime and police brutality: Comparative study of New York Post and New York Daily News.” Written by Brian Chama. This can be found at This article takes a deep dive into police brutality incidents including the killing of Jason Van Dyke. This article provides evidence and statistics of police brutality to support my claim. Another article I will use to strengthen my research paper is “Impact of Police Violence on Mental Health: A Theoretical Framework.” written by Jordan DeVylder, Lisa Fedina, and Bruce Link. It can be found at This article brings an analysis into the impact police brutality has on public health. In this article we see the negative results police brutality causes to communities in America. The final article I will be citing in my analytical research paper is “A FEW BAD APPLES.” written by Sarah Wise. It can be found at This article helps bring attention to the corruption of some police in Great Britain. This article shows how prevalent police brutality has become to the point that it has grown noticeably outside of the United States.


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Posted by Rohit Lal on

For my first article it discusses the war on the improvised places within the United States. It states that the United States is the richest nation in the world and yet somehow manages to be the second poorest in the war as well. It takes a look at the root causes of the poverty level and what can be done to fix this social and economical issue within the United States. It also takes into account the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic towards the American people and towards low-income workers and how it impacted their lives as a whole. The cost of healthcare has increased and the cost of childcare as well is not climbing down by any means in the future, if anything it is still rising. The article points out that the income level of an household has a direct correlation towards one’s use of drugs and healthcare. This article is relevant to due the fact that it talks about the root cause poverty in the United States of America.

My second article talks about the rate of poverty relative to certain people specifically children. My article states that nearly every One in Five Children are improvised within the United States of America which roughly adds out to about fifteen million children in the whole nation by itself. The article goes on to talk about how the poor class of the nation are poor mainly due to the fact of their own thinking and their own fault seeming that it is their own problem as to why they are poor when this may not be the case in other people’s scenarios. The article also goes on and talks about how child poverty’s is too sufferable and should not be ignored as the income level of a child’s home takes a great effect on their life. The article explains the negative damage and the cognitive and also emotional damage that is brought about when it comes to child poverty. This article is relevant to due the fact that it talks about the root cause in child poverty.


My third and final article talks about the life long effects of poverty and how it can cause serious long term damage to a persons individual life and education is a large factor as to how a person goes throughout life, while being improvised. The effects of poverty carry life long emotional and cognitive damages that can hinder a persons way of life and can cause some serious long term damages to a person and can be very  difficult in order to combat. Poverty can also take a toll on the child’s learning and what can happen when it is not addressed in society. There is evidence that the socioeconomic background of a person plays a huge role in how the education level of that person takes into place. This article is relevant to my topic in that it talks about the effects poverty has on education in America.


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Posted by Miguel Estrella on

Article: In Netflix’s Central Park Five miniseries, Trump is called a ‘bigot’ whose ’15 minutes’ are almost up

This article talks about Donald Trump’s involvement in the Central Park Five case. When the case had initially presented itself in 1989, Trump had paid $85,000 to have the crime placed on four different newspapers on a full page. He made it clear that he had wanted the death penalty to come back so that the young boys would face justice, even though they were not the ones who committed the crime and were not even tried in a court of law. Trump’s ads and newspaper article during this time worsened the situation on the Central Park Five case and increased the amount of racism the young boys were already facing. This is relevant to the topic I have chosen because it shows how Donald Trump had played a huge role in the way the Central Park Five were viewed by the public. He had an effect on the way the media viewed the boys, which negatively impacted their families as well.

Source: Butler, Bethonie. “In Netflix’s Central Park Five miniseries, Trump is called a ‘bigot’ whose ’15 minutes’ are almost up.” Washington Post, 31 May 2019. Gale Academic OneFile Accessed 17 Nov. 2020.

Article: Central Park Five reality: How can you forget the real truth-tellers of the Central Park Five?

This article further talks about the way in which the media portrayed the Central Park Five. The article mentions how Donald Trump was the person who brought out the idea of the death penalty to have “justice” be served. It also mentions how the term, “wilding”, originated from the case. This term was used as a way to describe the actions of all of the young men who were at Central Park during the time the white woman was raped and murdered. Additionally, this article also mentions those who believed and knew the boys were innocent of the crime. The Black press and activists of that time all believed that the young boys were being coerced and attacked by the police due to their race. This article is also relevant to my topic because it mentions those who were against the boys and who believed in them. It also gives more background information about the case.

Source: “Central Park Five reality: How can you forget the real truth-tellers of the Central Park Five?” New Pittsburgh Courier [Pittsburgh, PA], 3 July 2019, p. B3. Gale OneFile: News Accessed 17 Nov. 2020.

Article: Transforming the Central Park jogger into the Central Park Five: Shifting narratives of innocence and changing media discourse in the attack on the Central Park jogger, 1989–2014

This article analyzes the way in which the media, especially The New York Times, decided to portray the Central Park Five case. It explores how the media had portrayed the case from the beginning and how this portrayal changed over time. This article shows how the Central Park Five case received a lot of attention in comparison to other cases and crimes that were taking place during that time. It shows how the media preferred to release news that would be “shocking” to society. This article is relevant to my topic because it further shows the media’s portrayal of the case and how the media functions in general. Despite the severity of the case, the media released many articles on the Central Park Five without focusing on the fact that the boys were coerced and were innocent.

Source: Stratton, Greg. “Transforming the Central Park Jogger into the Central Park Five: Shifting Narratives of Innocence and Changing Media Discourse in the Attack on the Central Park Jogger, 1989–2014.” Crime, Media, Culture, vol. 11, no. 3, Dec. 2015, pp. 281–297, doi:10.1177/1741659015592794.


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Posted by Christiana Addy on

Talk Show – The article I chose to support this song from the album is “Infidelity in romantic relationships.”. Authors Frank D Fincham and Ross W May spoke on the definition of infidelity as well as discussing which gender would be more likely to fall, the victim. The discussion went on to mention the impact it leaves on couples. One of these factors is linked to the low usage of condoms with the person outside of the relationship. The characters Jhene and Big Sean play are put onto a TV show where they discuss their relationship. It soon becomes evident that their relationship isn’t as perfect as depicted. Jhene goes on to explain how her partner, played by Big Sean, had just cheated in the days before. This was despite just having had described how perfect he thought she was. Big Sean then went on his rant where he wished Jhene’s character had come forward on the affair before their decision to not use protection during their intimate moments.  }



Déjà Vu- The article I found was “Is Imagination of the Infidelity More Painful than Actual Infidelity?”. Authors Farid Pazhoohi, Catia Silva, Luís Pereira, Marco Oliveira, Paulo Santana, and Rui Rodrigues had all contributed to the article by explaining the results of an experiment involving the topic of infidelity. In the experiment, they find answers to the harm done when comparing actual infidelity to imaginative infidelity. They also dove into deciding who had felt more betrayal when it came down to gender, men or women. This article continues the conversation of cheating on your partner. As each individual goes up for their award, the other draws the attention of another in the room. The director for the overall music video gives clear evidence of distrust between the couple by giving visuals that represent anger towards the other; which is usually a change of eye color to red. The video then cuts to either Big Sean or Jhene being with someone else and back to the original setting. Although imaginative, the imaginative aspect of infidelity still fractured their relationship. }



London Bridge – For this song, I chose to connect it to the article, “Influence of Lack of Trust on Romantic Relationship Problems: The Mediating Role of Partner Cell Phone Snooping.” The authors were able to discuss the result of the lack of trust between a couple and other possible results. The overall article is bringing attention to the long term effect “lack of trust” and “emotional instability” would leave on a couple.

They had originally linked it to the idea of snooping through your partner’s phone and the risk of doing so. This connects to the song “London Bridge” with the fact both characters can leave but choose not to. This is a factor referred to as emotional instability. Jhene sings the final song on the album, to sum up, the story-telling plot. Through thick and thin, they are unsure as to where the relationship would end up next. This is the element of toxic yet it works out beautifully where they still loved each other at the end of the visual portion.



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Posted by Joshawa Allotey on

The first scholarly article I will be using is “Child abuse and neglect in a rapidly developing country: Parents’ perspectives”. This article talks about how children of young age are being neglected and abused in the developing countries. Children at very young age might be abused by so many people, be it strangers, adult friends or even close relatives. The abuse can be physical or even sexual. These abuse are brought about because of so many reasons for example low socioeconomic status, single parent, domestic violence, parental inadequate coping skills, parental stress and low education level, and child’s medical condition. All these reasons are major factors whereby kids end end up being abused and neglected. Laws should be enforced highly on those who abuse children. When children get abused at such young age it tends to hurt and even hunt them for a long time as the child may end up becoming emotionally insecure and many others.


The second scholarly article I will like to write about is “Racism: An Elite asset” This article speaks of how blacks used to be forced into slavery during the past and so many inhuman stuff. Racism did not begin today as it had began lots of centuries ago and it still is going on. Racism along with homophobia, sexism, and so many others must remain a threat; otherwise, the world might be lost. The article also speaks of how Former President, Barack Obama during his time fought so much and hard just to stop racism in the country. Recently and unarmed black man George Floyd was chocked to death by a police officer for no reason. This shows the extent of racism now as police: the ones who have vowed to protect us are the ones now killing the citizens due to racism.


Lastly the final scholarly article I will touch on is “Creating Antiracist spaces where black students can breathe and thrive”. This article talks about how two deadly virus currently namely COVID and racism are killing black students and people today. Black people are killed for no reason just because people feel threatened by their color when they are around which is bad. Black people nowadays instead of thinking how they will will go about their day the next day now live in fear of their lives instead just because they are scared they might be killed the next day which is not supposed to be the case. We are supposed to live together and not divided just because of color.



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Posted by Eliana Espinal on

The film I will analyze in my analytical research paper is Freedom Writers. 


Thesis: One’s background and upbringing does not determine one’s life. With the correct attention and dedication, one can learn the importance of giving students an equal chance at life and from the knowledge developed by the students they can mature and expand life skills. 


Source 1: “Education Changes Lives – Grace’s Story”


One of the three sources I’ll be using in my research paper is a story on a college profile about Grace who is a family support specialist who describes her story to help benefit and inspire others to be and do better. Throughout her story, she explains how she was raised in poverty and her struggles and how it conflicted her education. Though she dropped out of school and got married at a really young age, the desire to want an education never left from within her. Years later she returned for a degree and made it. This is relevant to my paper because it touches on the topic I will be analyzing in my paper. Essentially, when students are granted an opportunity to progress and learn despite their differences, it allows everyone to grow in life. The article conveys how a good education can turn one’s life around similar to the students from Freedom Writers.  


Source 2: “Equitable Education for Students in Poverty Starts with the Teacher”


This is another important article that supports my thesis and shows why students with harsh uprisings need teachers who will make a difference in their lives, education wise especially. For example, in the article Emily Liebtag explains how students who come from poverty tend to need extra support and guidance in school because they find themselves engaged in gangs and the streets due to stress and worries. Those teachers who realize and acknowledge that each student has a different background which means each student needs a different type of focus/attention in school will allow the students to actually be determined to learn and want to make a change. Being that students spend lots of time with teachers, teachers along as parents play a significant role on how students turn out in the future. There are also different strategies for the classroom environment to help a student engage which also helps students become more interested in learning. 


Source 3: Education: Making a difference one student at a time. | David Rock | TEDxUM

This last source is quite different from the other two because it is not an article, rather it is a ted talk. Throughout the ted talk David Rock explains the importance of perception of teaching and learning. He also brought up a really good point from Socrates, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not a filling of a vessel”. Socrates alone is a good way to analyze and break down the education system. His analogy of the man in the cave conveys how education is manipulated and sometimes misled. This ted talk is extremely significant to the research paper because he emphasizes a lot the importance of teachers changing their ways of teaching to help students learn. Oftentimes, teachers blame students for learning but Rock explains that sometimes it may be the teachers and their style of teaching. 

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