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This article talks about women and men in different cultures. Women in culture are mentally abused, physically abused, restricted, and discriminated against. There are those who can’t fight against their culture because  of their families. For example the United States isn’t perfect, there are still restrictions on women in jobs and society. Women are leaders and powerful so this article proves that men try to take that away from them. This article is related to my topic because it speaks about women in their countries. “Although most cultures look down upon women, and up to men, they express it differently.” Which it’s true because in the movie Brave is about making a change. The main character gives a speech about how parents should let their kids choose their own path and just be there to guide and support them. It’s up to us to make a change and the first step is giving women equality just like they did in the movie. 


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The article focuses on showing and explaining women’s role in society which relates to my topic because that is what I’m bringing to light in my essay. “Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in the highest political positions.” Also women are constantly being undermined socially, economically and culturally. The charts break down the progress that has come a long way. Women deserve better and this article shows that they are taking a stand but are facing challenges along the way. Men get all the power and glory that’s why in Brave a female is the one who saves the day not a man. In the article it mentions how women have been making scientific discoveries throughout history but many don’t know that because men take all the glory. “ Although women have been behind a number of scientific discoveries throughout history, just 30 percent of researchers worldwide and 35 per cent of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields of study are women.” Women can do the same thing men can do and sometimes they do it even better. 


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Bad Feminist Essays, Roxane Gay

This book is about being a feminist while loving  and enjoying things that could seem un lady like with the feminist ideology. It has a collection of essays that talk about politics, criticism and feminism. Her stories are about gender and sexuality , race and entertainment, politics, gender and race. All of those topics played a role in shaping her and helping her realize her worth into society. “ Don’t tear other women down, because even if they’re not your friends, they are women and this is just as important.” wow this statement is everything! And true there should be no reason why we should put each other down since men already do that enough for us. So yea this book is related to my topic because not only does it speak on the issues but the author is writing about how she finds herself with the challenges. Owning who you are is magical and no one can take that away from you.

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  1. Zayneb Saad
    I am very interested to see how you're going to translate the feminist ideology through sexuality and economy.
  2. Christiana Addy
    I feel like your essay will be perfect in touching a topic people often ignore. Women do sustain a vast amount of hardships while also working to succeed in this world.

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