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Posted by Cordelia Vohnout on

The text, Gender-stereotyped preferences in childhood and early adolescence: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, by Margit H. Kanka is relevant to my research paper because it discusses the harmful impacts of gendered media consumption at a young age. This research will aid my writing because I’m going to be proving how the gender roles present in Disney’s Cinderella, are harmful when they’re taught from a very young age and this article delves into the consequences of gender roles in children’s media. In addition, this article utilizes numerical data which I can use to support my claims about the harms of this kind of media on young children.

Another article that I will be utilizing is Ella Evolving: Cinderella Stories and the Construction of Gender-Appropriate Behavior, by Linda T. Parsons. This article is relevant to my paper because it discusses the patriarchal messages embedded in children’s media and the harmful implications that these messages have. Additionally this article looks at four different stories based on Cinderella, which makes this a strong supportive source for my paper. By including a source specific to my chosen media source I will be able to extract the most relevant information regarding my topic.

The third and final scholarly article that I will be using to aid my research paper is Choice or circumstance: When are women penalized for their success?, by Yanitsa Toneva. This article analyzes how working women are treated differently than men when they hold positions that are typically male dominated, which will be useful for my paper by showing how gender roles, like the ones presented in Cinderella, harm real-life women in the workplace. Through the data presented in this article I will be able to prove how gender roles do negatively affect women today and provide real-world examples to support that claim. This will prove useful for me while I demonstrate the harmful affects of gender roles and why elements of popular American culture that perpetuate them should not be consumed by young children.

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Posted by Asya Parson on

Article: Black-white differences in severe maternal morbidity and site of care

The text is about when black women are patients at the hospital they more than the white women and the death rate is higher for black women and they experience more maternal morbibdity and putting in more improvement in the hospitals could stop the death rates of black women. This is relevant to my topic because I am talking about the lack of care that African American woman face in hospitals and it mostly happens during child birth.

Article :”you learn to go last”: Perceptions of prenatal care experiences among African-American Women with limited out comes

the text is about how more black infants  die more than wife infants. there has been racial discrimanation  during prenatal care their are women who have said that they were treated differently because of their race. This article related to my topic because my topic is about black women not being treated well in the hospital and  that can affect the baby essay will bring light to the racial discrimanation in the medical field.

Article: reducing health disparities by removing by removing cost access and knowledge barriers

this text is about reducing the disparities of women who are pregnant and die. This article tries to find away to  stop the disparities of women dieing by using the Contraceptive CHOICE project  the articel talks about the difference between African American teen pregnancies and white teen pregnancies.  This is relevant to my topic because it bring light to what is happening to women within the African American Society another reason this go along with my topic because




Posted by Zayneb Saad on

Article: Performative Allyship 

The article gives the definition of performative allyship and the real world instances of it. The author goes into depth about what people are seeking out of performative allyship and how it doesn’t help anyone. There was an increase of it in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, protests, and riots. The text also serves as a message to those who find themselves in these performative positions by calling out people who show little to no help in providing resources or donating to the cause. This is the same for larger organizations who use the issue at hand to make themselves seem “down for the cause” and to keep themselves marketable. This article would help categorize Joey underneath that label and provide truth behind her actions. 


Article: Stress and Mental Health: Moderating Role of the Strong Black Woman Stereotype

This article explains the harm behind the “strong black woman” stereotype and how black women are prone to having higher rates of mental illnesses. We see this in Dom because she is the embodiment of this stereotype in the show in comparison to Joey or any of her peers. Dom faces an immense sense of responsibility at home and school which results in her having little time for sleep or even a break. This causes her to have breakdowns and act out rashly in order to try to support her family. This article serves as to how Dom and Joey contrast and how the roots of their intentions. 


Article: With Whom Do You Believe Your Lot is Cast? White Feminists and Racism

The article breaks down the hidden issues with white feminists. Although they face oppression from their male counterparts, they are the main enforcers of racism and discrimination against their black female peers who are fighting alongside them. The privilege the white women in this instance are allowed is hypocritical to their own movement because they are actively denying the liberation for their own “sisters”. Joey doesn’t realize that this is the root of her feminism and that she actively benefits and contributes to this white feminist racism.   

Source: http://web.a.ebscohost.com.lehman.ezproxy.cuny.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=f7bd59c7-6028-4f44-bc45-38b68af122f9%40sdc-v-sessmgr02


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Posted by Keiry Ramirez on

Source 1


This article talks about women and men in different cultures. Women in culture are mentally abused, physically abused, restricted, and discriminated against. There are those who can’t fight against their culture because  of their families. For example the United States isn’t perfect, there are still restrictions on women in jobs and society. Women are leaders and powerful so this article proves that men try to take that away from them. This article is related to my topic because it speaks about women in their countries. “Although most cultures look down upon women, and up to men, they express it differently.” Which it’s true because in the movie Brave is about making a change. The main character gives a speech about how parents should let their kids choose their own path and just be there to guide and support them. It’s up to us to make a change and the first step is giving women equality just like they did in the movie. 


Source 2 


The article focuses on showing and explaining women’s role in society which relates to my topic because that is what I’m bringing to light in my essay. “Women continue to be significantly underrepresented in the highest political positions.” Also women are constantly being undermined socially, economically and culturally. The charts break down the progress that has come a long way. Women deserve better and this article shows that they are taking a stand but are facing challenges along the way. Men get all the power and glory that’s why in Brave a female is the one who saves the day not a man. In the article it mentions how women have been making scientific discoveries throughout history but many don’t know that because men take all the glory. “ Although women have been behind a number of scientific discoveries throughout history, just 30 percent of researchers worldwide and 35 per cent of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields of study are women.” Women can do the same thing men can do and sometimes they do it even better. 


Source 3 

Bad Feminist Essays, Roxane Gay

This book is about being a feminist while loving  and enjoying things that could seem un lady like with the feminist ideology. It has a collection of essays that talk about politics, criticism and feminism. Her stories are about gender and sexuality , race and entertainment, politics, gender and race. All of those topics played a role in shaping her and helping her realize her worth into society. “ Don’t tear other women down, because even if they’re not your friends, they are women and this is just as important.” wow this statement is everything! And true there should be no reason why we should put each other down since men already do that enough for us. So yea this book is related to my topic because not only does it speak on the issues but the author is writing about how she finds herself with the challenges. Owning who you are is magical and no one can take that away from you.

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