Article: Performative Allyship 

The article gives the definition of performative allyship and the real world instances of it. The author goes into depth about what people are seeking out of performative allyship and how it doesn’t help anyone. There was an increase of it in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, protests, and riots. The text also serves as a message to those who find themselves in these performative positions by calling out people who show little to no help in providing resources or donating to the cause. This is the same for larger organizations who use the issue at hand to make themselves seem “down for the cause” and to keep themselves marketable. This article would help categorize Joey underneath that label and provide truth behind her actions. 


Article: Stress and Mental Health: Moderating Role of the Strong Black Woman Stereotype

This article explains the harm behind the “strong black woman” stereotype and how black women are prone to having higher rates of mental illnesses. We see this in Dom because she is the embodiment of this stereotype in the show in comparison to Joey or any of her peers. Dom faces an immense sense of responsibility at home and school which results in her having little time for sleep or even a break. This causes her to have breakdowns and act out rashly in order to try to support her family. This article serves as to how Dom and Joey contrast and how the roots of their intentions. 


Article: With Whom Do You Believe Your Lot is Cast? White Feminists and Racism

The article breaks down the hidden issues with white feminists. Although they face oppression from their male counterparts, they are the main enforcers of racism and discrimination against their black female peers who are fighting alongside them. The privilege the white women in this instance are allowed is hypocritical to their own movement because they are actively denying the liberation for their own “sisters”. Joey doesn’t realize that this is the root of her feminism and that she actively benefits and contributes to this white feminist racism.   

Source: http://web.a.ebscohost.com.lehman.ezproxy.cuny.edu/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=f7bd59c7-6028-4f44-bc45-38b68af122f9%40sdc-v-sessmgr02

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