Essays: 60%                       Students will develop clear, logical essays that draw on the thematic content of the course readings. There will be three major essay assignments: a Literacy Narrative (15%); an Argumentative Essay (20%); and an Analytical Research Paper (25%). Further details and rubrics will be given with each assignment.
Blog Posts: 10% Students will be asked to record their observations, ideas, and reactions to assigned readings throughout the semester on the course blog.
Active Participation: 10% Students must complete the assigned readings and participate in online discussion forums on a regular basis.
Final Exam: 20% Students will take, and pass, a departmental final exam. The exam consists of reading, summarizing, and responding to a text.

Grading Scale: 94-100=A; 90-93=A-; 87-89=B+; 83-86=B; 80-82=B-; 77-79=C+; 73-76=C; 73 or below = NC

You must earn at least a “C” to pass ENG 111. If you do not finish the course with a “C” average, you will receive the grade of “NC” and repeat the course. You will not suffer a grade point average penalty for an “NC.” I am available during posted office hours to discuss your progress and standing in the course. Please don’t wait until you are falling behind to meet with me if you have any questions or concerns. Students who pass ENG 111 proceed to ENG 121 the following semester.

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