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Posted by Arlinda Mulliqi on

My essay is related to the film/ book The Hate You Give, which provides an issue that is very common in today’s world. My thesis is for those who face unjustified racial inequality . The sources stated below are some pieces of evidence that I used to help back up my thesis related to the film.


Dowie-Chin, Tianna, Matthew P. S. Cowley, and Mario Worlds. “Whitewashing Through Film: How Educators Can Use Critical Race Media Literacy to Analyze Hollywood’s Adaptation of Angie Thomas’ the Hate U Give.” International Journal of Multicultural Education. 22.2 (2020): 129. Print.

This article highlights the issues linked to racism and white supremacy portrayed in the film The Hate U Give. It also provides distinctions in the portrayal of racial segregation and discrimination between the film and the book.I feel like all of those issues are relatable for a lot of people in todays society and because of how they are treated. This evidence helped back up my essay because it is related to the film and it describes difficulties people face in reality.The critical race theory ( CRT ” the view that race, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is socially constructed and that race, as a socially constructed concept, functions as a means to maintain the interests of the white population that constructed it. It argues that ” when The Hate U Give was rendered into a film, a number of the changes weakened the novel‘s counterstory messages around racism and white supremacy

“Weissmann, Elena. State Violence and Racial Justice: ‘The Hate U Give’ Could Sear on Screens. 2018. Retrieved from:

The article addresses race relations depicted in the book: The Hate U Give and the response from the public relating to racial justice protests. It also provides an outline for the book’s plot and movie. In the movie along with the book there is protests happening for justice and its where people’s voices are heard. This source was good evidence because it is specifically related to the book and the issues. It provides  good examples that people are in ” Starr’s shoes” and face the same unjustified issues.




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Posted by Joelle McKenzie on

I have decided to do an analytical research piece on Tobe Nwigwe’s song ‘Hella Black’, featuring The New Respects. I chose this song because it focuses on music, how it is the common language spoken by everyone, and most importantly, Black representation in society of both the past and present. The articles I chose to aid with this analysis are Mia M. Kirby’s ‘Tell It Like It Is: Black Power Era Music And The Construction Of The Strong Black Woman Archetype’, and Ronald Radano’s ‘The Sound of Racial Feeling’. Unfortunately, after a relentless search using the library resources, I was not able to find a third article that best suited the basis of my research paper.

Mia M. Kirby’s ‘Tell It Like It Is: Black Power Era Music And The Construction Of The Strong Black Woman Archetype’, in summary, embodies the struggle the Black women of the African American community along with the diaspora at large have encountered through the years. The article makes mention of how music was utilized during the Black Power era in order to change the narrative of how Black women were portrayed and perceived. Moving away from the idea that Black women were only to be seen as a mammy, matriarch, Jezebel, and so on. The author also did her own analysis of various songs from the Black Power era to make more positive sense of who a real strong, Black woman is and how she ought to be represented.

From Ronald Radano’s standpoint in his article ‘The Sound of Racial Feeling’, to summarize, he dealt with the matter of the different genres of music and the Black influence that was present in each genre. He highlights that in every arena of music that was blessed by the hand of the black, one would be able to feel the racial impact it left, be it in the sound of the instruments or the lyrics, especially if there is to be a visual display. He summed it up to say in music, everyone was able to share a piece in a Black experience.

These articles are relevant to my research paper because they help to shed more light on the current influences Black pop culture and music has in the continued movements of today.


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Posted by Lianie Vega on

One article I’ll be using as the basis of my analytical research paper is “When Police Traffic in Racism,” by Philip V. McHarris. This article is about how the police are being prejudiced against black drivers. Philip V. McHarris, who is a black man, discusses his experiences with getting pulled over by the police. He also discusses how the police don’t always go about the right way of asking for consent to search black drivers’ cars. Many encounters between the police and black drivers leads to violence. This text is relevant because police officers being racist and police brutality are huge issues in today’s society. Police officers use their power to discriminate against black people and many times they use violence. Police officers often pull over black drivers and want to search their cars without probable cause and “All American” showed viewers this. “All American” showed viewers a serious issue that occurs often throughout the United States, which is racial profiling.

Another article I’ll be using is “Racism in Medical Tests.” This article is about how there is racism occurring in hospitals. This article talks about how it is common for doctors to prioritize the health of their white patients over their black patients. This article is relevant because many black people are denied treatment or they’re being misdiagnosed. Many black people aren’t receiving the care they need when they’re in a hospital. Doctors and nurses’ main goal should always be to improve their patients’ health no matter the patient’s race. Doctors and nurses should never underestimate someone’s needs because of their race. “All American” showed viewers another serious issue that occurs throughout the United States, which is racism in hospitals. “All American” brings awareness to the racism that occurs against black patients and black hospital workers.

The third and final article I’ll be using is “The Roots of Racism,” by Lasana Harris and Daniel Cossins. This article explains why people are prejudiced. This article mentioned that people learning certain associations is what causes them to become biased of others. This article also mentioned that people can learn how to ignore their biased views of others. This article is relevant because many people are making negative assumptions of others based on their race. People making negative assumptions of others can lead them to act negatively towards them. “All American” brings awareness to the issues of prejudice and bias.



Posted by Karen Herrera on

The text I will be using in my analytical research paper is called Representations Matters: Women in U.S Congress. Thesis statement: Women’s inequality has led to the underrepresentation of women in politics. 

Representations Matters: Women in U.S Congress is based on promoting women in politics and government by reflecting on past issues towards women. For example, the text discusses racial diversity, women in leadership, and challenges that women face being in congress. The text includes many women who are in congress or part of politics who speak upon their very own experiences emphasizing the need to speak up for the voiceless. Women bring new issues, topics and understanding to congress, but they still fall at the bottom percentage of gender in politics. The reason for this is because men believe they dominate and are more superior than women, leading women to feel uninfluenced making it harder to get to the top. Also, women are disregarded in this industry because of racial and ethnic backgrounds and their private life as well.  

One thing I noticed while reading this text is that it mentions many statistics, I found this important because they will be able to support my paper. This text has inspired me by real life scenarios involving representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kate Hill. Both individuals are women in politics who have been shamed, embarrassed and humiliated by men in the workforce based on their gender or private life. The verbal abuse and violence brought upon women in a political work environment is just not fair and I plan to write this analytical paper to spread awareness towards women in politics and women’s leadership. In this paper I hope to inform both men and women about the inequality towards women in politics and to inform how female politicians are stigmatized because of their gender. 


Blog 7

Posted by Vilma Gonzales on

 Article 1“Consequences of Bullying Behavior”

Throughout the chapter “ Consequences of bullying behavior” in the book “Preventing Bullying Through Science, Policy, and Practice.” bullying has become a behavior among “school aged children and adolescents, bullying comes in all different forms such as an “ individual who bullies, the individual who is bullied and bullies others, and the bystander present during the bullying event.” The chapter expresses the physical health consequences, somatic symptoms, stress, the consequences of bullying on the brain function, social pain, and much more. This is relevant information because there is always going to be bullying. Bullying comes from one’s household, no one is perfect we do not this in a utopian society where everything we do has to follow a routine and everyone acts the same we are always going to have some bad apples that unfortunately act and think the way they do and that does affect the child where it’s something they learn from the parent or use bullying as a way to let out their frustration they would like to show their parents but can not.


Article 2 “How Does Bullying Affect the Bully?”

Throughout the  article “How Does Bullying Affect the Bully?” By Lorna Blumen in Bullying Prevention Tips, Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids, School Bullying, expressed the opposing side of bullying which is not the victims but the bully. The article includes research published in JAMA Psychiatry that show the numerous psychiatric issues that include depression, anxiety, panic disorder, suicidal thought behaviors and agoraphobia a bully could obtain in their lifetime. When one thinks about bullying we think about the one who is being bullied and of course we should focus on the victim but shouldn’t ignore how they bully might be affected by their own actions. This becomes relevant because the way a child is raised can affect who they become later on in life.


Article 3 “The long-term effects of being bullied or a bully in adolescence on externalizing and internalizing mental health problems in adulthood”

Throughout the article “The long-term effects of being bullied or a bully in adolescence on externalizing and internalizing mental health problems in adulthood” in the book “child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health” this chapter shows the effect of being bullied and being the bully and the mental toll it leaves behind for each side of the story meaning the victim of bullying and the bully. It is very important to know the emotional and physical toll that bullying and being a bully leaves on a person because most if not all of these negative tolls greatly impact one’s life


Blog #7

Posted by Ranniel Peña Maria on

“Parents and Children in Second World War Germany: An Inter-generational Perspective on Wartime Separation”. This article explains how the relationship between parents and their children was affected by World War II. as after their parents had to leave they still continued to play an important role in their children’s lives. As parents struggled in the war to be able to return to their homes. This article is important since it suggests how the family relationship between parents and children was affected by the Second World War, supporting the fact that, for example, older children had to take actions thinking about the future with their parents.


Vaizey, Hester. “Parents and Children in Second World War Germany: An Inter-Generational Perspective on Wartime Separation.” Journal of contemporary history 46.2 (2011): 364–382. Web.


“Childhood temporary separation: long-term effects of the British evacuation of children during World War 2 on older adults’ attachment styles”. This article suggests the long-term effects on children of the separation from their parents by the Second World War, how this affected their behavior as adults, to the point of creating emotional dependence in a small group of women. This is important in my research because it suggests that the separation of children and their parents can create a series of behaviors and habits for the rest of their lives and cause irreversible damage in the lives of children.


Rusby, Tasker. “Childhood Temporary Separation: Long-Term Effects of the British Evacuation of Children During World War 2 on Older Adults’ Attachment Styles.” Attachment & human development 10.2 (2008): 207–221. Web.


“Depressive Symptoms in Adults Separated from Their Parents as Children: A Natural Experiment during World War II.” This article explains the symptoms of depression suffered by some children who were separated from their parents during the Second World War. This article was based on a natural experiment done during the Second World War. This article is important for my analysis because it deals with the issue of depression suffered by some people who were separated from their parents, creating trauma in their lives and causing depression.


Pesonen, Räikkönen. “Depressive Symptoms in Adults Separated from Their Parents as Children: A Natural Experiment During World War II.” American journal of epidemiology 166.10 (2007): 1126–1133. Web.


Blog #7

Posted by Dylan Chan on

Article #1: “Class Act : An International Legal Perspective on Class Discrimination

This text is largely about social class discrimination and inequality as a global issue, tying in to my research paper of the movie, Parasite. In one chapter of the text, titled “Class Act in Class Discrimination”, it further goes in depth about the word “discrimination” and the different types of it. It also describes how discrimination often begins, whether it be through the differences between a group of people, like race or wealth, or how it is something adopted from their surrounding. In the case of the paper, the idea of class discrimination will be focused on how it is adopted from the surrounding of the two families in Parasite, the Kim family being poor and the Park family being rich, so there is a major difference in how these two families were raised and how they view each other.

Article #2: “Influencing the World Versus Adjusting to Constraints: Social Class Moderates Responses to Discrimination

This article is about the social class differences, such as economical, physical, and mental health differences. It also describes how even if one has wealth, there is still the limitation of race that comes in effect. One of the things that really stood out in this article is the how the difference in social class emphasize the access of material, as well as what constitutes as a “good” action/choice to go about. This connects to my research paper because in the film (again the economic difference is a big role in it) the Kim family is barely scraping by, doing whatever it takes to get food on the table and to maintain a roof over there head, so the parents must take whatever “good” choice they can, among them being to work for the Park family.

Article #3: “Sources of Suffering : Fear, Greed, Guilt, Deception, Betrayal, and Revenge

This book goes in depth about the various types of suffering, as said in its title. It describes about how suffering in and of itself is something that we cannot avoid in life (pretty dark I know), and it proceeds to do so by splitting into two parts, “Suffering Tolerated” and “Suffering Inflicted”. In “Suffering Tolerated”, the three chapters there are about fear, greed and guilt, while in “Suffering Inflicted”, it talks about deception, betrayal, and revenge. What I’m focused on in this is the greed part, as in the movie, the Kim family slowly becomes consumed by an air of greed, as they continue to work for the Park family and “leech” off of their wealth.


Blog #7

Posted by Jennifer Alcantara on

“ ‘I Can’t Breathe’: The Suffocating Nature of Racism ”

In the section “The Invisibility of Racism,” it talks about how some white people believe that racism no longer exists in their eyes. Instead racism for white people id more of an illusion or invisible.The reasoning they gave for this was because a person might not realize what racism is and what isn’t racism until they actually get to experience it. This section also talks about white privilege and how white people believe that they’re not privileged and everyone is the same in a sense. This connects to the song’s analysis by it supports the part of the song when she hints that sometimes white people don’t see racism and how racism still exists.


“Policing and Racial (In)Justice in the Media: Newspaper Portrayals of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement”

The section “Social Protest and the Media” talks about how media outlets only show specific, as in the negative parts of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. This section talks about how also, since the media outlets only show the bad parts of the protest, some viewers are more critical of the protesters and less compassionate on why they seem to be doing what they’re doing. With what they see on media, the viewers become less likely to identify with them as well. This connects to the analysis of the song by it supports when she talks about the media and fake news.


“Police brutality must stop”

This article talks about how there’s distrust with the law enforcement. It mentions how black and brown individuals and their communities are the only ones really suffering at the hands of police brutality and racism. This article also talks about how the United States has a history of systemically disadvantaging certain racial groups. The article as well includes a way on how to confront this systemic issue in our society. This connects to the song’s lyrics by it supports her issue of what’s happening with police brutality and minorities.



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Posted by Cordelia Vohnout on

The text, Gender-stereotyped preferences in childhood and early adolescence: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, by Margit H. Kanka is relevant to my research paper because it discusses the harmful impacts of gendered media consumption at a young age. This research will aid my writing because I’m going to be proving how the gender roles present in Disney’s Cinderella, are harmful when they’re taught from a very young age and this article delves into the consequences of gender roles in children’s media. In addition, this article utilizes numerical data which I can use to support my claims about the harms of this kind of media on young children.

Another article that I will be utilizing is Ella Evolving: Cinderella Stories and the Construction of Gender-Appropriate Behavior, by Linda T. Parsons. This article is relevant to my paper because it discusses the patriarchal messages embedded in children’s media and the harmful implications that these messages have. Additionally this article looks at four different stories based on Cinderella, which makes this a strong supportive source for my paper. By including a source specific to my chosen media source I will be able to extract the most relevant information regarding my topic.

The third and final scholarly article that I will be using to aid my research paper is Choice or circumstance: When are women penalized for their success?, by Yanitsa Toneva. This article analyzes how working women are treated differently than men when they hold positions that are typically male dominated, which will be useful for my paper by showing how gender roles, like the ones presented in Cinderella, harm real-life women in the workplace. Through the data presented in this article I will be able to prove how gender roles do negatively affect women today and provide real-world examples to support that claim. This will prove useful for me while I demonstrate the harmful affects of gender roles and why elements of popular American culture that perpetuate them should not be consumed by young children.

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Posted by Asya Parson on

Article: Black-white differences in severe maternal morbidity and site of care

The text is about when black women are patients at the hospital they more than the white women and the death rate is higher for black women and they experience more maternal morbibdity and putting in more improvement in the hospitals could stop the death rates of black women. This is relevant to my topic because I am talking about the lack of care that African American woman face in hospitals and it mostly happens during child birth.

Article :”you learn to go last”: Perceptions of prenatal care experiences among African-American Women with limited out comes

the text is about how more black infants  die more than wife infants. there has been racial discrimanation  during prenatal care their are women who have said that they were treated differently because of their race. This article related to my topic because my topic is about black women not being treated well in the hospital and  that can affect the baby essay will bring light to the racial discrimanation in the medical field.

Article: reducing health disparities by removing by removing cost access and knowledge barriers

this text is about reducing the disparities of women who are pregnant and die. This article tries to find away to  stop the disparities of women dieing by using the Contraceptive CHOICE project  the articel talks about the difference between African American teen pregnancies and white teen pregnancies.  This is relevant to my topic because it bring light to what is happening to women within the African American Society another reason this go along with my topic because


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