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“ ‘I Can’t Breathe’: The Suffocating Nature of Racism ”

In the section “The Invisibility of Racism,” it talks about how some white people believe that racism no longer exists in their eyes. Instead racism for white people id more of an illusion or invisible.The reasoning they gave for this was because a person might not realize what racism is and what isn’t racism until they actually get to experience it. This section also talks about white privilege and how white people believe that they’re not privileged and everyone is the same in a sense. This connects to the song’s analysis by it supports the part of the song when she hints that sometimes white people don’t see racism and how racism still exists. 



“Policing and Racial (In)Justice in the Media: Newspaper Portrayals of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement”

The section “Social Protest and the Media” talks about how media outlets only show specific, as in the negative parts of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. This section talks about how also, since the media outlets only show the bad parts of the protest, some viewers are more critical of the protesters and less compassionate on why they seem to be doing what they’re doing. With what they see on media, the viewers become less likely to identify with them as well. This connects to the analysis of the song by it supports when she talks about the media and fake news.



“Police brutality must stop”

This article talks about how there’s distrust with the law enforcement. It mentions how black and brown individuals and their communities are the only ones really suffering at the hands of police brutality and racism. This article also talks about how the United States has a history of systemically disadvantaging certain racial groups. The article as well includes a way on how to confront this systemic issue in our society. This connects to the song’s lyrics by it supports her issue of what’s happening with police brutality and minorities. 



Comments ( 3 )

  1. Dylan Chan
    By the looks of your sources, it looks like your essay is going to have a lot of impact on the opinion of racial injustice and it sounds really interesting!
  2. Lianie Vega
    The articles you chose to use for your research paper appears to be interesting and have important information.
  3. Arlinda Mulliqi
    Jennifer, your sources are such great pieces of evidence that help support your claim. I believe your essay will come out great based on your topic and sources.

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