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Article: Black-white differences in severe maternal morbidity and site of care

The text is about when black women are patients at the hospital they more than the white women and the death rate is higher for black women and they experience more maternal morbibdity and putting in more improvement in the hospitals could stop the death rates of black women. This is relevant to my topic because I am talking about the lack of care that African American woman face in hospitals and it mostly happens during child birth.

Article :”you learn to go last”: Perceptions of prenatal care experiences among African-American Women with limited out comes

the text is about how more black infants  die more than wife infants. there has been racial discrimanation  during prenatal care their are women who have said that they were treated differently because of their race. This article related to my topic because my topic is about black women not being treated well in the hospital and  that can affect the baby essay will bring light to the racial discrimanation in the medical field.

Article: reducing health disparities by removing by removing cost access and knowledge barriers

this text is about reducing the disparities of women who are pregnant and die. This article tries to find away to  stop the disparities of women dieing by using the Contraceptive CHOICE project  the articel talks about the difference between African American teen pregnancies and white teen pregnancies.  This is relevant to my topic because it bring light to what is happening to women within the African American Society another reason this go along with my topic because


Comments ( 3 )

  1. Jennifer Alcantara
    I like the topic that you chose to write about. It's interesting and not something that many people talk about. The articles that you chose also seem like they would be good sources to use to support your analysis.
  2. Joelle McKenzie
    It is rather an unfortunate predicament that as Black women we are not offered the same level of health care as is our counterpart, given it is our human right. So I am glad this a topic you will place more analytical emphasis on.
  3. Arlinda Mulliqi
    Asya, I think the sources you have chosen for your essay are great based on your topic. Its great to you will be doing your research and discussing this topic because it needs to be talked about.

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