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One article I’ll be using as the basis of my analytical research paper is “When Police Traffic in Racism,” by Philip V. McHarris. This article is about how the police are being prejudiced against black drivers. Philip V. McHarris, who is a black man, discusses his experiences with getting pulled over by the police. He also discusses how the police don’t always go about the right way of asking for consent to search black drivers’ cars. Many encounters between the police and black drivers leads to violence. This text is relevant because police officers being racist and police brutality are huge issues in today’s society. Police officers use their power to discriminate against black people and many times they use violence. Police officers often pull over black drivers and want to search their cars without probable cause and “All American” showed viewers this. “All American” showed viewers a serious issue that occurs often throughout the United States, which is racial profiling.


Another article I’ll be using is “Racism in Medical Tests.” This article is about how there is racism occurring in hospitals. This article talks about how it is common for doctors to prioritize the health of their white patients over their black patients. This article is relevant because many black people are denied treatment or they’re being misdiagnosed. Many black people aren’t receiving the care they need when they’re in a hospital. Doctors and nurses’ main goal should always be to improve their patients’ health no matter the patient’s race. Doctors and nurses should never underestimate someone’s needs because of their race. “All American” showed viewers another serious issue that occurs throughout the United States, which is racism in hospitals. “All American” brings awareness to the racism that occurs against black patients and black hospital workers.


The third and final article I’ll be using is “The Roots of Racism,” by Lasana Harris and Daniel Cossins. This article explains why people are prejudiced. This article mentioned that people learning certain associations is what causes them to become biased of others. This article also mentioned that people can learn how to ignore their biased views of others. This article is relevant because many people are making negative assumptions of others based on their race. People making negative assumptions of others can lead them to act negatively towards them. “All American” brings awareness to the issues of prejudice and bias.


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