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The text, Gender-stereotyped preferences in childhood and early adolescence: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal data, by Margit H. Kanka is relevant to my research paper because it discusses the harmful impacts of gendered media consumption at a young age. This research will aid my writing because I’m going to be proving how the gender roles present in Disney’s Cinderella, are harmful when they’re taught from a very young age and this article delves into the consequences of gender roles in children’s media. In addition, this article utilizes numerical data which I can use to support my claims about the harms of this kind of media on young children.

Another article that I will be utilizing is Ella Evolving: Cinderella Stories and the Construction of Gender-Appropriate Behavior, by Linda T. Parsons. This article is relevant to my paper because it discusses the patriarchal messages embedded in children’s media and the harmful implications that these messages have. Additionally this article looks at four different stories based on Cinderella, which makes this a strong supportive source for my paper. By including a source specific to my chosen media source I will be able to extract the most relevant information regarding my topic.

The third and final scholarly article that I will be using to aid my research paper is Choice or circumstance: When are women penalized for their success?, by Yanitsa Toneva. This article analyzes how working women are treated differently than men when they hold positions that are typically male dominated, which will be useful for my paper by showing how gender roles, like the ones presented in Cinderella, harm real-life women in the workplace. Through the data presented in this article I will be able to prove how gender roles do negatively affect women today and provide real-world examples to support that claim. This will prove useful for me while I demonstrate the harmful affects of gender roles and why elements of popular American culture that perpetuate them should not be consumed by young children.

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  1. Jennifer Alcantara
    I like the articles that you decided to use. They're interesting, and I think they would do a good job of helping you explain your analysis.

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