Blog #7

Article #1: “Class Act : An International Legal Perspective on Class Discrimination

This text is largely about social class discrimination and inequality as a global issue, tying in to my research paper of the movie, Parasite. In one chapter of the text, titled “Class Act in Class Discrimination”, it further goes in depth about the word “discrimination” and the different types of it. It also describes how discrimination often begins, whether it be through the differences between a group of people, like race or wealth, or how it is something adopted from their surrounding. In the case of the paper, the idea of class discrimination will be focused on how it is adopted from the surrounding of the two families in Parasite, the Kim family being poor and the Park family being rich, so there is a major difference in how these two families were raised and how they view each other.

Article #2: “Influencing the World Versus Adjusting to Constraints: Social Class Moderates Responses to Discrimination

This article is about the social class differences, such as economical, physical, and mental health differences. It also describes how even if one has wealth, there is still the limitation of race that comes in effect. One of the things that really stood out in this article is the how the difference in social class emphasize the access of material, as well as what constitutes as a “good” action/choice to go about. This connects to my research paper because in the film (again the economic difference is a big role in it) the Kim family is barely scraping by, doing whatever it takes to get food on the table and to maintain a roof over there head, so the parents must take whatever “good” choice they can, among them being to work for the Park family.

Article #3: “Sources of Suffering : Fear, Greed, Guilt, Deception, Betrayal, and Revenge

This book goes in depth about the various types of suffering, as said in its title. It describes about how suffering in and of itself is something that we cannot avoid in life (pretty dark I know), and it proceeds to do so by splitting into two parts, “Suffering Tolerated” and “Suffering Inflicted”. In “Suffering Tolerated”, the three chapters there are about fear, greed and guilt, while in “Suffering Inflicted”, it talks about deception, betrayal, and revenge. What I’m focused on in this is the greed part, as in the movie, the Kim family slowly becomes consumed by an air of greed, as they continue to work for the Park family and “leech” off of their wealth.

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