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The text I will be using in my analytical research paper is called Representations Matters: Women in U.S Congress. Thesis statement: Women’s inequality has led to the underrepresentation of women in politics. 

Representations Matters: Women in U.S Congress is based on promoting women in politics and government by reflecting on past issues towards women. For example, the text discusses racial diversity, women in leadership, and challenges that women face being in congress. The text includes many women who are in congress or part of politics who speak upon their very own experiences emphasizing the need to speak up for the voiceless. Women bring new issues, topics and understanding to congress, but they still fall at the bottom percentage of gender in politics. The reason for this is because men believe they dominate and are more superior than women, leading women to feel uninfluenced making it harder to get to the top. Also, women are disregarded in this industry because of racial and ethnic backgrounds and their private life as well.  

One thing I noticed while reading this text is that it mentions many statistics, I found this important because they will be able to support my paper. This text has inspired me by real life scenarios involving representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kate Hill. Both individuals are women in politics who have been shamed, embarrassed and humiliated by men in the workforce based on their gender or private life. The verbal abuse and violence brought upon women in a political work environment is just not fair and I plan to write this analytical paper to spread awareness towards women in politics and women’s leadership. In this paper I hope to inform both men and women about the inequality towards women in politics and to inform how female politicians are stigmatized because of their gender. 

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