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Class Introduction – Mary Tenesaca

Posted by Mary Tenesaca on


Hi, my name is Mary Tenesaca (she/her). I intend to major in Biology and minor in Political Science. 

As I commence my journey at Lehman College, I’m definitely excited to learn, explore, and grow in many of my classes. Hence, I’m interested in how we’ll be able to write about different topics like political and cultural issues. I know I’ll even enjoy raising social awareness through our responses. Also, the only thing that is nerve-wracking is having grammatical errors and not getting my point across in assignments.

In regards to assignments in our course schedule, I am interested in the video, “Writing a literacy Narrative” Lecture and Amy Tan’s story “Mother Tongue”. I remember reading “Mother Tongue” in high school and relating so much to what she said about “broken” English. As a first-generation Latina, I had to help my mother understand and learn English. Moreover, I remember and felt the embarrassment Tan explained in her writing. Hence, my mother and parents in general, are like the primary visual or image of your family. So, they reflect on how the family functions and what status they have in society. Therefore, when someone speaks “broken” English in public places like supermarkets, they are seen as inferior and or not taken seriously. Due to this, it supplied Tan, and my younger self, to feel ashamed. Anyhow, I’m wondering what type of responses my peers might have on Amy Tan’s work.

After reading “Composition as a Write of Passage,” I think qualities of good writing must follow a particular formula. I think writing should stay on topic, be well structured/organized, zero grammatical errors, and have the author’s voice portrayed. To acconplish all these aspects of writing, I think one must practice writing with a variety of styles like argumentative, narrative, persuasive, and even free writing. But, a critical thing is always to have someone look at your work. So, being able to handle criticism, even if you do or don’t agree with it.

Writing has been part of my whole K-12 education. So throughout the years, I believe I’m well at organically structuring my essays. Additionally, I think I’m good at analyzing, identifying, and explaining evidence to support a claim. But, I think maybe I could be better at editing my essays like knowing the correct writing conventions. If I can apply this, then it can help me in future writing pieces.

The future feels far, but I know that becoming a PA involves writing.  I think I’ll be writing scientific journals and research papers. These types of pieces require the report to be clear and well organized. Especially if your explaining data or any kind of results from a study. Plus, being able to portray your ideas and thoughts clearly, helps in a team-based environment where I defiently see myself working in.


Intro English comp- Ariel Mendez

Posted by Ariel Mendez on

Hello, my name is Ariel Mendez,

My intended major is undecided for now and my preferred pronouns are he/him. I am excited to continue working on my writing skills and to see how much progress I’ll make from taking this class, my previous school had a low standard when it came to school work and I have many bad habits I need to break. I am anxious about the nights I will spend working on assignments I procrastinated to the last minute. Writing is one of the most crucial aspects to life and being able to fluently convey my feelings and ideas will continuously help me in the future no matter the field I head into. When writing towards someone or a group of people it’s important that you imagine yourself having a conversation with your work, having passion and pride for your writing is what makes a good writer. Writing is a prideful activity and I enjoy sharing my work with others when I believe what I wrote is valuable. The hardest part about writing is the absence of inspiration or writer’s block. There are times when concentrating on my work is too difficult and causes me to become frustrated with the piece I’m working on and at times I’ll start projects but delete the entire piece if the writer’s block is bad enough. While I’m still undecided about my major, I still believe that good English comprehension skills are crucial, and I can always use improvement on them.



Class Introduction

Posted by Andrew Polanco on

What’s popping people, my name is Andrew Polanco and I identify myself as a male. (he/him) I definitely want to major in computer science, as I am interested in coding programs and perhaps code games in the future. After looking at the syllabus, I am excited to expand my writing even further and improving my ability to analyze text. One thing I am a little nervous about is receiving feedback/criticism. This is because the suspense kills me when you post something and you’re trying to figure out if what you wrote is good enough while waiting for someone to respond to you back.

Qualities of good writing include; organization, powerful language, an excellent hook, and writing that doesn’t completely bore the reader. To be a good writer, one must be keen to exploring new opportunities to expand their writing even further. Additionally, a good writer never stops writing. It is important to be able to write well because writing is a form of communication and expression. Writing and speaking are two different things. With writing, I believe it gives you more freedom than speaking.

I wouldn’t say I’ve knocked down these parts of my writing, however, I believe the easier parts are correctly using grammar and using sophisticated language. The hardest part about writing is deeply analyzing texts. Sometimes I exceed in it, and other times it needs work.

Obviously, coding involves typing and writing. If in the future I start coding games, I will need to use powerful language for dialogue when it comes to characters interacting.

That is all the information you are getting out of me today, I’m going to take a snooze. Peace.


Class Introduction

Posted by Daniel Price on

Hello, my name is Daniel Price (he/him), I am currently undecided,

After reading the syllabus, I am looking forward to the well thought out writing assignments we will be writing, and the group discussions we will have about the texts we will be reading, I will also be looking forward to real classes in person because that just sounds pretty cool to me. One thing I am nervous about is the lectures because I have a problem paying attention to literally ANYTHING but trust me when I say I will try my best.

The qualities of good writing is whether it grasps your audiences attention or not and whether it has any feeling or emotion to it. If your writing piece doesn’t get the job done and gets a hold of the readers attention is it really something you can consider good? Well that all depends on the persons mindset. I think for one to become a good writer they need to read. Reading allows you to gather knowledge and you can pick up tips about how to better oneself as a writer along the way. Being able to write well is an important skill because it displays intellect, brainpower, and most of all it displays how capable you are with expressing oneself.

The easiest part of writing for me is just gathering thoughts and putting it on a screen/piece of paper. When my head is clear it is very easy to just let the words flow out of my mind onto paper/a document.

The hardest part of writing for me is making sure it all makes sense or struggling with making errors which is an essential part of a writing piece but sometimes I really need to look over my piece at least three times to make sure these words that made sense in my head makes sense aloud to another person or making sure I made no spelling errors. I need to work on pacing myself and not going to fast and reading what I write when I write it and ask myself if it fits what I said before and what I will say after.

I’m not sure what genres I will be expected to write in my future career field because currently I am undecided, but if  I had to make a guess it would probably be creative free writing. Being a effective writer is important in any career field because it displays you’re educated and deserve the title you have earned.


Class Introduction – Odalys Garate

Posted by Odalys Garate on

My name is Odalys Garate and I am Freshman at Lehman. My pronouns are She / Her . My intended major is Nursing.  I was born and raised in Queens.  My parents are from Ecuador. I have 3 sisters and I am the youngest of them. In high school activism played an important role in my life and it continues to play that role. That is only a little bit about me 🙂

After reviewing the syllabus, one thing that I am excited about is the class discussions because now that everything is virtual this will be the new way that we will communicate with everyone. I am also very excited about being able to not only write about certain texts given but also about social, political, economic and cultural issues. The things that I am most nervous about is that most of work will be done independently since it is an asynchronous class and the amount of essays that are given are pretty overwhelming but I do understand that with time management they wont feel so overwhelming.

The qualities of good writing are well formed and detailed thoughts and analysis. You should be able to provide a good amount of evidence while also being able to transition your thoughts. It is significant that you are able to get your point across and that your writing is well organized and formalized, that way readers aren’t confused. Nobody wants to read something poorly written. For me the easiest part of writing is probably being able to sort out well your ideas in order to formulate a very well detailed analysis. Something that has helped me a lot is writing an outline of my writing that way my ideas are organized and well thought of. I believe that this is something I do well. However the hardest part of writing for me is coming up with smooth transitions into my new ways of thinking or in other words starting a new topic sentence. This is something I need to work on because this can affect the writing a lot. 

I don’t believe that I will be doing so much writing for nursing but types of writing that I will most likely be doing are charting, care plans and narratives. Being an effective writer can affect my career opportunities because I need to be able to properly write down every patient of mine correct information and just be able to analyze them well so that if anything changes everything is being kept track of and so that everything is being taken care of properly.


Class Introduction- Lianie Vega

Posted by Lianie Vega on

Hello, my name is Lianie Vega (She/her). My intended major is Nursing.

After reviewing the syllabus, one thing I am excited about is reading “Let America be America Again,” by Langston Hughes. I am excited about that because I am familiar with the work of Langston Hughes. I learned about him back in high school. One thing I am a bit nervous about is writing the final drafts of my essays. There has been times when I felt like I could of changed something or included more to my essays after submitting them in.

Good writing should always make sense. Good writing shouldn’t include run-on sentences. A good writer must be observant so they are able to see and fix any mistake they have in their writing. It is important to be able to write well so you can express the ideas you have and get your points across. A lot of jobs require people to be able to write well. Writing well is a useful skill.

The hardest part about writing is starting an essay. Sometimes, I have no idea what the first sentence should be or what to include in my introduction. I don’t have a hard time writing the body paragraphs of an essay. I usually have a lot of ideas that I want to include in my body paragraphs. The easiest part about writing is rereading what I just finished writing. That is the easiest part because I have already expressed all my ideas and I’m just looking for any mistakes I made.

I will be expecting to write nonfiction. Everything that a nurse writes must be accurate. Nurses must be able to record their observations, fill out charts, and record any data. Nurses must be able to write well because they want what’s best for their patients and make sure they’re properly taken care of.


Class Introduction – Wyline Hilaire

Posted by wyline hilaire on

Hello, my name is Wyline Hilaire (she/her). I do not have an intended major for now.

After reading the syllabus, I am exited to read and write about different types of topics. During high school, it felt as thought I could not expand my writing skills to the fullest. I am not really sociable so I am hoping that this course will help me with my social skills as much as my writing. Even while enjoying writing, I still find difficulties in writing essays. Of course, I have written many essays in the past. However, I still find it difficult to write them.

The good qualities of writing are clarity, details, organization, and no mistakes. While writing, one need to make sure everything is clear, in order for the reader to fully understand what is being said. Adding as many details as possible is necessary in a writing. It shows that the writer knows what their talking about and made a few research about the topic. An organized writing is pleasing for the reader. It helps the reader go through the writing smoothly. Although, not making mistakes in one’s writing is nearly impossible, trying to minimize the number of mistakes is as good.

The easiest part of writing for me, is editing. Once I am done with my writing, I look back at it and remove or change sentences. If I am not please with a paragraph, I delete it and start over. The hardest part of writing for me, is my organization. I have had many problems with organizing my writing. Although, I thoroughly plan out my writing before I start, I still manage to lose myself in my writing. It has always been a problem. However, I hope to get over this handicap in the future.

Since, as of now I do not have an intended major, I can not say what genre will be expected to write in my intended major

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Class Introduction – Carlos Suero

Posted by Carlos Suero on

My Name is Carlos Suero, I go by He/him. My intended major is Computer Science

After reading the syllabus I can say that the thing that I’m most excited about is that this course will help me better my essay writing and will help me get a better understanding of the economic, political, and social issues. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to fully understand everything that I’m being taught and I’m unsure that I will be able to do great in this class because I’m not the best when it comes to writing essays.I think that the qualities that makes someone a good writers is someone that is able to write a story that people will actually be able to image, they will be able to paint a picture of the character and they are able to understand the story and the challenges that he or she had to go through throughout the story. The easiest part of writing for me is painting a picture for my readers so that they won’t be confused when they are reading my work, that is what I’m good at painting a picture for someone and making things more clear for the readers. The hardest part of writing for me and sometimes creating a story from a source that i never heard of and i need to work on my writing because sometimes i am writing and I noticed that my vocabulary is bleak and i know i can make it more interesting. The writing that I will be mainly writing that is connected to my major is probably going to be fiction because I’m going to try to make a good story for the game I will be creating so I will know how everything takes place from the beginning to the end. Being an effective writer is important for my career because I need people to fully understand what my creative ideas are so they will pick me for more important projects.


Class Introduction – Aichatou Ibrahima

Posted by Aicha Ibrahima on

Hi everyone! My name is Aichatou Ibrahima but I prefer to go by Aicha, the “c” is pronounced as an “s” (her/she). My intended major is Biology.

   For this course, I am most excited for the group discussions and blog posts. I am also excited for the argumentative topics we will be discussing. However, I am very nervous and anxious for the essays and exams that we will be doing. English Language Arts has never been my strong suit. I always struggled with essays and I still have to work on my procrastination problem. 


    There are many qualities in good writing. For example, good grammar, clarity, and how interesting it is to the audience. In order to be a good writer you have to continue looking over your work for any grammatical mistakes you might have missed. You have to make sure that your sentences make sense and are understandable so that you don’t confuse the audience. Your sentences should flow together and not be all over the place. Start your work with something that will make the readers want to keep reading. It is important to be able to write well because you will be able to express yourself non-verbally without any misunderstandings. You will be able to use the right tone and emotions to send the message you are trying to get across without having to worry about misinterpretations.


    There is no easy part for me when it comes to writing. However, the part that isn’t as difficult for me as the rest, would be outlining. Outlining helps me get all my thoughts down in order so that my work won’t be all over the place. I also think that I am able to express myself well through most of my written work. Now, the hardest part for me when it comes to writing is starting the work and staying focused on the topic. As I mentioned in the beginning, I need to work on my procrastination. I think that that’s what’s holding me back from improving my writing skills.


    Since I am majoring in biology in order to become an OB GYN or Pediatrician, I’ll be expected to write biographies, lab reports, and visual analysis papers. I’m not really sure how being an effective writer will impact my opportunities but I think that It’ll help me do my job better.



Class introduction

Posted by Keiry Ramirez on

Keiry Ramirez (she/her) My major is undeclared.

  One thing I’m excited about for this class is writing essays because I’m interested in expanding and maturing my writing. I can also get a chance to improve my grammar. I’m currently not nervous about any topics regarding the class at the moment. 

  The qualities of good writing are thinking outside the box, patience, discipline, passion and their own unique writing style. Additionally, being able to get straight to the point makes one claim very useful in good writing. To be a good writer one has to be confident in their work, can’t be biased or let emotions get in the way. It’s important that the writing is fluent because the audience will be able to understand the message the writer is trying to portray.  

  Easiest part for me is writing my opinion and what I interpret. One thing I do well is painting the picture enough for my statements to be comprehended. Using evidence and explaining further. The hardest part is wrapping up because I get caught up in not repeating myself which leads up to a vague ending.  From my perspective this is what I need to improve on. You may think otherwise and that’s fine but for right now I believe that’s what I need to improve. 

  At the moment my major is undeclared. Therefore, I don’t know what genres of writing are expected from me. With effective writing it can take me a long way. It can make me more professional. 




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