Introductions-Blog 1

Hello, my name is Laura and my intended major is International Business and Marketing my preferred pronouns are she/her. What I’m most excited about is how much this course promises to teach by the end of it. Becoming a better writer is crucial since it can help you immensely by making your point, some that the syllabus included were, “support a well-reasoned argument”, “read analytically and critically”, along with the engagement with my peers and growing my social network is something to look forward to. What I am nervous about is the element of a full asynchronous course, usually I’m a visual learner rather than reading off instructions but hopefully I’ll adapt. The qualities of good writing include being focused on the task at hand, being coherent and clear in the message you’re trying to send across and overall know your target audience. Like everything, writing becomes a skill that is best when constantly practiced it becomes almost muscle memory to continue to do well. Through constant reading and expanding your knowledge is what makes perfect writing. This becomes an important skill because it’s used constantly whether you’re composing an email, or your resume, professionalism shines through your writing. The easiest part of writing for me is when it’s a free write where I’m in control, I feel like I do best with creative freedom. The hardest for me would be an argumentative essay since sometimes finding the evidence becomes difficult as I second guess which point would benefit the claim the most, I need to work on persuading an audience. The genres I’ll be expected to write in is probably professional since it deals with a business field, mainly emails or spreadsheets for the rest of my coworkers. An effective writer can affect career opportunities because it can be a skill that’s required in many intended majors and overall to show off your expertise in advocating through writing, which can open up a lot of doors because of this skill.

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