Blog 6

I decided that my analytical essay will revolve around the 2020 documentary “Crip Camp ” which depicts the transition much of an underrated discussion it was, to me at least. It is crucial that we move away from the previous institutionalized perception of disabled individuals as they were boiled down to a caricature that greatly furthered the oppression of the disabled community. As for my thesis, I want to emphasize the normalization that people with disabilities in a “functioning society” were always seen as an afterthought through the lack of integration. Although times are changing it is always vital that we educate ourselves on the history behind what we are able to accomplish today, but the fight still hasn’t fully ended. I’ll be exploring my statement in my research by finding multiple sources to be the foundation of my thesis and the long path to victory that the disabled community had to face to be finally addressed prompted by a younger generation. 

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