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Class Introduction – Arlinda Mulliqi

Posted by Arlinda Mulliqi on

My name is Arlinda Mulliqi. My gender pronouns are her/she. I am undecided on what I intend to major in.

 I am very excited and nervous at the same time for this course because I have difficulties in using the right writing techniques but  I am looking forward to improve throughout the semester.  After reading the syllabus it made me realize that I must put in a lot of effort and thoughts into my work in order for it to be good.Some qualities of good writing would have to be to focus and use the right vocabulary and ways to express your thoughts.

I feel like making the readers connect with you is also very important because it will be easy for them to understand. The writing should be powerful if you are passionate about it. I always tried to be passionate about whatever I wrote but I never put in my best effort which is a reason why my writings never came out as great. I am happy that I will also be learning how to cite my resources correctly and how to make good use of them for relevant information. 

The easiest part of writing for me would have to be the fact that I gather my thoughts very well but the hardest part is finding ways to put them in perfect words to express myself. I need to work on using the right techniques and developing my writing skills considering I am not used to writing long pages of work. Although I am undecided, I plan on possibly majoring in business where writing will be very useful. Being an effective writer will affect my career opportunities by making my work clear and understandable and how others will view it. 



Class Introduction

Posted by Cordelia Vohnout on

Hello my name is Cordelia Vohnout (she/her), and I intend to major in dance.               

Something that caught my attention on the syllabus is that we will be able to record our thoughts on readings and share them with the class. This is exciting to me because I really enjoy discussing literature with my classmates and I’m glad that despite the fact that this is an entirely online course, we will still be able to discuss with each other. I am a little nervous about the amount of essays we have to complete in this course because I’m used to having one essay due every three months, as opposed to one due each month. Writing essays isn’t something I necessarily struggle with, however, I do get overwhelmed easily and I hope that I’ll be able to stay on track with my writing.

The qualities of good writing are simplicity, strong or unique vocabulary, and personality. Writing should be easy to follow but also unique to the person who’s writing it. In order to be a good writer you should know how to get to the point while also clearly explaining all your ideas. If your ideas are well developed and presented clearly they should be interesting to read, while also being understandable. Being able to write well is so important because writing is a main form of communication. We write every day whether it’s on social media, for homework, or a personal journal, we’re always trying to convey our ideas to each other through writing and being adept at it makes communicating with others much easier.

I keep a journal which I try to write in at least once a week and whenever I go on vacation I always write down the days events, so I would say that informally journaling is the easiest type of writing for me, but I also like to write stories. Writing about myself or a character I’ve created is my favorite type of writing because it’s therapeutic to get out my feelings on paper and in the case of writing stories, creating characters and worlds is fun because you can create any person, situation, or world you can imagine. The most difficult part of writing for me is writing about things I’m uninterested in. When I’m passionate about a topic writing comes naturally to me, however, when I’m forced to write about something that I’m not particularly interested in the writing becomes more of a chore.

I’ve been dancing for years and I intend to make it my career after college. While theres not necessarily any writing involved in dancing itself, writing definitely has a role in the dance world. Dance journalism is something that many dancers do alongside their professional career or after they’ve ended their careers as performers. Dance and writing are also both art forms, which means theres a lot of potential to use writing creatively or to develop an idea to later choreograph. Dancers and writers have a lot in common because they both take an idea existing in their heads and turn it into something physical that can either be watched or read. Conveying ideas or stories to others is the goal of both writing and dance, the only difference is the medium.




Class Introduction

Posted by Yesmely Medina on

Hello, my name is Yesmely Medina (she/her),  I’m undecided in what I Intend to major in.


A few things that I am excited about in this course are learning new techniques and strategies that can help me improve my writing skills and will help me achieve a new style of writing. Allowing this course to help me express myself clearly in a formal and professional way. What I fear about this course is that it will make me feel overwhelmed because I am used to a distinct style of learning, being that it is an online course the programming is more complex than what I am used to. I am afraid that this style of learning will not allow me to grow as a writer because I require a lot of demonstration. I’m nervous that I’ll feel helpless with assignments and won’t be able to comprehend what I’m learning. I’m worried that I won’t be able to write coherently in this new style of learning since I’m more used to a visual style of learning. 

Some qualities of an excellent writer are someone who expresses themselves on any topic in a very detailed and fluent way. An outstanding writer makes any reader intrigued by using words that can catch any reader’s attention by their choice of words. A talented writer is specific and explains what is trying to be said. It is significant to write well because it allows a person to express themselves and it is an attribute that is used in the actual world. It is important to know when to code-switch and write professionally that will help a person gain more knowledge on being a wonderful writer and being effective in my career path. 

The easiest part of writing for me is that I am very detailed in my writing. When I’m writing about a topic interesting to me, I can write freely about the topic and express myself very well. The hardest part about writing is that I have trouble expressing myself in topics I’m not interested in, which mainly leads me to lack understanding of how I can write effectively. 

I am currently undecided on what I want to major in but being an effective writer can affect my career opportunities because writing is not only being able to express yourself on paper or document, it also affects an individual’s form of speech and how they’re able to present themselves as a person. For instance, if I were to attend a job interview with an unprofessional resume and form of speech I would present myself ineffectively. This can lead to many career opportunities being taken away from an individual because of the way they present themselves in writing and speech. 


Class Introductions

Posted by Zayneb Saad on

Hi! My name is Zayneb Saad. My gender pronouns are she/her/hers, and I intend to major in Media Communication Studies.

I’m excited to create a website to examine the intersection between Black movements and American culture. I enjoy reviewing the history of black oppression and creating my own inferences on the root of black oppressions and the perpetuation of it in modern movements and the media. I’m also excited to listen to the lectures provided by Professor Gersh because it’s a shift in how I usually work in a classroom and allows me to be more active in my education when I choose which information to retain or not. I am nervous about the upcoming research paper because of the extensive work attached to it. I hope that my work comes to a finished and well-crafted end. 

The qualities of good writing include clarity, compassion, smooth progression, and little to no grammatical mistakes. Good writing should have an intended audience and position in order to convey particular ideals without confusion. Effective transitions in the writing would allow for the piece to sound like one big idea and lack any breaks in the understanding of the reader. 

The easiest part of writing for me is providing smooth transitions and a detailed analysis. I want to create work that can be easily read and have all of my ideas articulated correctly. 

The hardest part of writing for me can be not rewriting points that I have previously made if my paper ends up being on the longer side. I have to recheck my work in order to see that each section is its own original, unique idea. If I repeat myself too many times then readers could get bored of my writing and check out too early. 

At this moment I don’t know what my intended career field will be but based on my intended major, I believe I will create lots of non-fiction pieces and literature reviews. Being an effective writer will have people invested in my ideas and spread ideals to a larger audience. 



Class Introduction

Posted by Edina on

Hello my name is Edina Alibasic (she/her), and I plan on majoring in Education/Early Childhood.

In this course I’m excited to learn how to compose well written essay’s. I believe that there is always room for improvements and I can’t wait to learn new writing methods. Although I look forward to learning about new writing methods, I definitely feel anxious about writing essays. I always have trouble developing my sentences and making sure there smooth. I’m also terrible at grammar.  This is definitely a challenge I want to overcome and hopefully through this course I can.

The qualities for good writing, are patience and expressing ideas clearly. Having patience is key, because you can’t expect to write an essay or a short story in a hour. In order to write a well developed piece, you need time and patience. You also need to know how to express your ideas clearly. Your audience need to be able to understand what you’re trying to say through your writing piece. therefore I believe in order to be a good writer you have to know how to express your idea’s clearly and how to catch the audience attention. Writing will always be a part of your life, so it’s important to know how to write.

Something that I thrive in writing, is developing my body paragraphs. Once I have my introduction and thesis statement, developing the body paragraphs is very simple, because I already know what I have to write about. That’s why it’s very important  for my introduction to be clear and simple, so when it come’s to writing my body paragraphs I know what I must include and talk about.

The challenging part of writing for me is developing an introduction. I never know I how to start my sentences and it takes me a while to finally have something I like. I want to work on catching the audiences attention and knowing how to develop good clear sentences. This is important in order to be a good writer. Through this course I hope to overcome my challenges and become the best writer I can.

Since I’m majoring in Education/Early Childhood, I’m expected to know how to write essays. In order for me to teach my students how to write a good essay, I will need to know how to write one myself. Being an effective writer can show that I’m intellectual and I know how to communicate. This is very important, especially since I want to be a teacher.


Class Introduction

Posted by Christiana Addy on

Hey everyone, my name is Christiana Addy(she/her). I also go by Cece as a nickname. My intended major is Business.

In this class, I am excited to learn new skills in terms of constructing different forms of writing. I am also looking forward to having conversations with other people in the class and seeing their point of view on different topics. At the same time, I’m anxious about peer editing as well as running out of ideas and facing writer’s block. In my opinion, for something to be considered “ good writing”, it should have a clear sequence. For example, it should be easy to notice the start, climax, conflict, etc. It’s important to be able to write well because those skills eventually affect the way you speak. If someone would like to be considered a “good writer”, I feel as though they should have a strong ground in terms of organizing their work or letting everything come together smoothly. I find it easiest to decide on a personal situation to write on after being given a form of literature. I can recall all the details which would possibly make my writing even better. The hardest part of writing would be organizing all the details into a proper way for the writing to be read smoothly. I find I often include details that are not necessarily important for the specific writing and end up having run off paragraphs that start up a whole other topic. In business, I assume I would be expected to construct pieces reflectinga persuasive essay. Being an effective writer can help me know which words to use and which I shouldn’t when creating essays to present to a panel of people or in advertisements that thousands of people will see. It can also help employers acknowledge my use of vocabulary and identify qualities that make me stand out.



Class Introduction-Calvin Chao

Posted by Calvin Chao on

Hi my name is Calvin Chao (he/him) and what I intend to major in is something in business like finance or accounting.

The thing that I am excited about is to read and write about social, political, economic, and cultural issues that have been problems for many years where it affect others in a negative way and see how these issues started. The thing that I am nervous about is listening and identifying the main argument of a text because sometimes when I think of two arguments that can highly relate to the text, I end up choosing the wrong one instead of the right one or when my idea of an argument is actually not the main argument of the text. Another thing that I am nervous about is the essay writing because whenever it comes to explaining the evidence, I can’t figure out how to explain it well that would prove my argument to be true. The good qualities of good writing is to hook the reader into the text that leads to your argument. In order to support the argument it needs to have evidence. Then you have to explain why your evidence helps prove your point. The thing that writers have to do to make their writing good is make sure that they have a powerful argument which is supported by strong evidence. It is important to write well because writing is a way were people can express their imagination into ideas into a creation of something. Writing is a way for others to know what type of person you are. I think the easiest part of writing for me is explaining my argument to make my readers see it in a way how I and others see it as. The thing that I think is the hardest part of writing is explaining the evidence because you have to explain what the evidence means and how that strengthens your argument. The genre that I expect to do for my intended career is argumentative and formal writing . By being an effective writer would impact greatly on my career opportunities because if their are problems I can show a powerful argument that follows by evidence that helps prove my argument and then explaining how they are wrong. In addition, by being efficient on formal writing, I can show how I can inform others about this choice that would hook readers into making a right decision.

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